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Information about personal responsibilities and health risks for “Ende Gelände”


Great that we are in this together! Coal is a massive threat to the health and lives of people, both globally and here locally.
That's why "Ende Gelände" is "the place to be" right now.
This threat, however, is present even when just protesting against coal mining - and "Ende Gelände" is no exception.

The safety and physical integrity of all have absolute priority at "Ende Gelände". Please mind, we are a large group of people, who differ in all sorts of aspects: we are a mix of young and old; experienced and first-time activists; some of us are more physically able than others or have health issues. We want to start off together, and then enjoy an array of good, colourful and lively protests.
To this purpose, we have jointly been working out our non-escalative consensus over months and will be preparing ourselves in training sessions. Within this consensus, there are different levels of participation, all of which are important and good.
We will be taking good care of both ourselves and our affinitygroups (the smaller group of somewhere betwen 4-8 people you choose to buddy with as part of the wider collective action), making responsible decisions within our spokescouncil meetings (where a representative from each affinity group gathers).
The slowest ones among us will set the pace, so we will be strong and colourful in making an irresistibly different stand against the destruction characterised mainly by capitalistic white men.


Support for Ende Gelände from celebrities

Ende Gelände will be one of the largest action of the European climate movement this year. Not just we like that but also Naomi Klein, Bill McKibben, Nico Paech and Friederike Habermann.

Legal Matters

You are taking part in the Ende Gelände action. What legal consequences can you expect?

I'll be part of it because...

On this page, you can anonymously or pseudonymously explain to the public (!) why you will be part of Ende Gelände! in August.

Networked in Europe

"Ende Gelände - Leave it in the Ground" is a direct action in the context of the European and global grassroots movement for climate justice. This year, everywhere on this planet people show that effective climate protection comes from below, from the grassroots. We do not put our hopes in COP 21 and international climate agreements anymore: we have learned those efforts are more or less focused on how to earn money with the global warming issue.

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