Who can participate?

Principally, everyone can participate in Ende Gelände. As basic common start, we made an Action Agreement : it is the goal of Ende Gelände to go down with the largest possible number of people into the lignite mines and to block the excavators. It is important for us that the situation remains transparent to all, and that also people can participate with little or no action experience. Therefore, we will offer an action training in the climate camp and briefings during the days before the campaign.

What is the difference between Ende Gelände and other forms of action?

Since several years, resistance around the open pit mines in the Rhineland gains in intensity. The alliance for the campaign Ende Gelände considers itself as a form of resistance among many others against the largest producers of CO2 in Europe. Unlike the blockades of excavators in small groups, Ende Gelände stakes on the mass factor. We want to give to as many people as possible the opportunity to go further than protests and human chains - and to prevent actively CO2 emissions. Before starting we speak publicly about our goal to block the open pit mining - also because we believe that, given the urgency of climate change, our case is absolutely legitimate.

Is this not illegal?

In science and public opinion, there is no doubt that climate change is man-made and requires urgent action to significantly reduce CO2 emissions. And it can be denied either that the consequences of the ongoing climate change will affect billions of people - especially those who have contributed to it the least. We won't be part of this! We are fed up with watching passively how livelihoods of millions are destroyed and how already massive social inequalities will increase even more due to climate change. We despise the fact that Europe's answer to climate change is raising the walls of fortress Europe - instead of dealing with the causes of climate change and accepting our responsibility for it.

It's not enough to say NO, it is time to resist and take action on climate change. Everywhere in the world people stand in the way of diggers because they want the coal to remain in the ground. They block the drills that frack for gas or oil. And they fight against nuclear power and for a renewable future. From August 14 to 16 we we will also say NO to lignite coal diggers in the Rhineland coal area. We say “Ende Gelände!” - it's the end of the line! We will oppose coal and we are many.

We are aware of the fact that our planned action violates the current law. We do however publicly announce the action. We are firmly convinced that in the face of the urgency of climate change, in the face of the appalling inaction of our so called leaders, in the face of climate tipping points that will be irrevocable – in the firm conviction therefore that in face of all these perfectly clear dangers our violation of the current law is a necessary and legitimate action in order to stop climate change.

Protecting the climate is in our hands.

How can I participate?

There is a rule: Who comes early is better prepared. Come to the climate camp, participate in action training, discuss with your affinity group, get an idea of the open pit mines. For those who arrive on Friday: from 5 p.m. there will be the opportunity to obtain complete information and then take to part in the action.

Can I participate even if I do not want to go down into the mine?

All are invited to participate in a way that suits individually. If you do not want to go down into the mine, you can protest on the rim, on the roads and at the gates and thus support the action.

When and where is it going to start?

Friday, 8/14, at 5 pm, the first plenum of delegates will take place, where you get the latest information to discuss in your affinity groups. At 7 pm, the big action plenum will take place. This is where the hours and the exact starting places for Saturday will be announced. Those who can only arrive Saturday morning, can ask the info phone for this information. But if possible, please try to arrive Friday afternoon. The common preparation is an important part of the action!

How will we behave during the campaign?

On our way to the mine, police lines or fences might try to stop us. We’ll get around that, taking advantage of gaps or by flowing through. We do not want them to arrest us, and we will not go into possible escalation strategies of the police. We do not want to hurt anyone nor attack police and their vehicles. Our goal is to get into the open pit and to block the excavators. Our greatest protection is the massive participation - also on the part of the press and celebrities. During the blockade we will have with us straw bags, airbeds and sleeping pads, in order to make our blockade comfortable. We will behave with caution and calm, we will not create an escalation, we will not endanger people. We will block and occupy with our bodies, we neither will destroy nor damage infrastructure. We will stay together and thus we will block the excavators.

What are the legal consequences if I participate in Ende Gelände?

At Legal Matters, we compiled an overview of possible legal consequences. However, until now, actions in open pits are not punished as crimes. There were only investigations on resistance to police officers - and the more people who participate, the smaller the risk that the action has legal consequences.
However, everyone must be aware that participants in the Ende Gelände action may be taken into custody, and possibly even punished. But remember: you’ll never be the only one. The solidarity of other arrested people and the awareness of the solidarity of the people who take care of your release, will help you. Learn more about your rights, for example from Rote Hilfe (Red Help) and in the Klimacamp.

What is an affinity group?

An affinity group is an association of about 5-15 people who trust each others and act together in an action. At this group size, there is enough time to talk for everyone involved, and still the time to make decisions is not too long. Affinity groups have two main functions:

  1. At an event, an action, or the like, they allow the best possible protection for the individuals. The group members must be careful one to another and give individuals a framework for thematize their fears.
  2. Affinity groups are an important contribution to self-organisation. On the one hand, they allow large groups to act better, for example, by using a system of delegates, a decision-making structure can be built. On the other hand, the affinity group offers a good opportunity not only to consume the action, but also to participate in the common action with its own content and actions.

In my town, there was no preparing action training - can I still participate in Ende Gelände?

Of course, you can participate in the action without having attended an action training. In the climate camp you can also participate in such a training.

What should we bring with us?

Because the area is quite impassable, in particular in the mine, it is absolutely necessary to bring firm footwear, best of all hiking boots. Also old rugged clothes that can get dirty, are important (best with long sleeves and long pants, among others against the sun). You will need protection both against the sun and the rain. Who knows how the weather will be. There will be food in the camp, it is important that you prepare a picnic in the morning before the action and that