Networked in Europe

"Ende Gelände - Leave it in the Ground" is a direct action in the context of the European and global grassroots movement for climate justice. This year, everywhere on this planet people show that effective climate protection comes from below, from the grassroots. We do not put our hopes in COP 21 and international climate agreements anymore: we have learned those efforts are more or less focused on how to earn money with the global warming issue. Be it actions in the context of Carbon Trade Schemes, be it CCS (Carbon Capture & Storage), Geo-Engineering or the electrification of current unsustainable levels of idividual transportation, it is always about making profit with questionable methods of climate protection, which are often linked to more environmental destruction, eviction, land grabbing and worldwide injustice and repression.

The grassroot movement denounces all those wrong solutions. We do not only target governments, but also the Corporate Conquistadors and the Corporate Criminals of this world.

On 22-24 May 2015 in Paris, groups of the European grassroot climate movement will meet again for one weekend in order to coordinate actions, develope common narratives and encourage each other. If you want to join the meeting, please contact