How to get there?!

Where to sleep

Just before Ende Gelaende the annual climate camp in the Rhineland will take place close by in Lützerath (! Venue change!) (Lützerath 6, 41812, L277 between Immerath and Borschemich). You can find all camp-infos here:


Detailed direction information can be found here: or here

Travel together

In some cities there will be organized busses, if you want to organize one yourself check out our bus guide (Link follows soon). For more information take a look at

Schedule for the action:

On friday 14th August we start the preparation for Ende Gelaende with forming affinity groups, action trainings and preparing action materials like banners. At 17:00h the first delegate plenary session will take place, at 19:00h the central Ende Gelaende action plenary (Venue: Climate Camp). Attention: If you want to take part in the action, try to be at the climate camp by 17:00h. For those arriving on the 15th August, we will organise meeting points to enable you to participate in the action (call up the Infohotline for details, Number soon available).

Mobility in the region and for the action

Getting from the camp to where we want to be for our action requires us to be as mobile as possible and we might have to go some distances. To be flexible, we encourage everyone to bring a bike! In addition, cars could come in handy in this action (yes, we know about the climate effect), especially if we can pack them full of activists... It goes without saying that you are of course just as welcome without car or bike!

Get to the camp with the bicycle

The camp is about 10km away from the train station of Erkelenz. See OpenStreetMap

What to bring

  • sturdy shoes (like hiking boots) and clothing with long sleeves – it will get dirty!
  • rain protection
  • sunscreen
  • umbrella (helps with sunny and rainy weather)
  • banner
  • water bottles
  • lunch package
  • tent and sleeping bag
  • white dust coverall and dust mask (if available, we'll provide some aswell)
  • Banners
  • If you are staying at the climate camp before the action bring the following: some financial contribution to the camp; tents; sleeping bags; torch (head torches particularly useful!); rain protection; sunscreen; water bottle; at the camp there will be food (vegan, breakfast, lunch, dinner and all served on donation basis); toilet paper; electricity.)