Ende Gelände!

Stop digging, keep it in the ground!

zum Bagger From the 14th to the 16th of August we, together with hundreds of people, will stop the excravators of RWE. While Germany is internationally still considered a leading country in prohibiting climate change, the biggest single emmiter of CO2 is still the Rhineland lignite mining area in Germany. On the G7 meeting Merkel wanted to enforce stopping coal extractionism until the end of this century.

But time is running to stop an irreversible climate change. Not with us! We cannot continue watching how the livelyhood of more and more people is destroyed while social injustice is increasing.

There have been human chains at two majour lignite mining sites. Now it is time to take another step further. From the 14th to the 16th of August, we, together with hundreds of people, will stop the mines in the lignite mining area near Cologne in an action of Civil Disobedience. Our action will show diversity, creativity and openness. Some will protest near the mine, others will block the diggers in the pit. We say : Stop digging now !

Be part of it, take part in the action and stop the diggers! Help us to be many! A first step could be signing the declaration of intent or order posters, flyers and/or stickers. You can also come to the action earlier and stay longer. Inform yourselves on facebook or twitter.

During the week before the action there will be climate camp and the degrowth summer school. There you can prepare yourselves for the action theoretically and practically.

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