Preperation meeting 21./22. march in Hannover

Hello everyone,

the clock is ticking and we urgently need to get active to stop runaway climate change. This is why we don't wait till the government officials meet in Paris and -once again- won't agree on any substantial actions. This summer, we take action ourselves.

From 14th to 16th of August it's “No country for old coal” in the Rhineland coal area in Germany. In a huge action of civil disobedience we will walk into the open pit mines, stop the diggers and occupy one of the biggest CO2-emitting industrial sites of Europe.

There will also be a climate camp (from 7th to 17th of August) and the degrowth summer school (9th till 14th of August) which provide space for mutual exchange, learning and networking.

The next preparation meeting is coming up soon and you are warmly invited to take part. One of the main topics will be our common “Call to action”. We will also discuss the planning of the climate camp and the summer school. Besides that, there will be time for smaller working groups to be formed and continue working so we are ready to start mobilizing for the action.

The meeting takes place from 21st (12 am) to 22nd (1 pm) of March in Hanover, the location is “Lister Turm”. Please indicate that you want to participate at write to

A detailed schedule of the meeting will be made in the next few days and be send to everyone before the meeting. If you have any topic you would like to discuss, please contact us at

Traveling costs: If you need support with the costs please write to There is the possibility to refund some tickets.

Language:: There will be translation to englisch, spanish and french. If you need another language, please contact us.

Children:: If you would like to participate with children and have any certain needs (eg. regarding sleeping arrangements, childcare...), please contact us.

In solidarity
the “Ende Gelände” ("No country for old coal") preparation group