I'll be part of it because...

On this page, you can anonymously or pseudonymously explain to the public (!) why you will be part of Ende Gelände! in August.


  • Everything you write here will appear on this website!
  • Please do not use your real name but instead a pseudonym! Or you leave the name field blank.
  • Take the time to carefully think through which information you want to give hear. Take care that the information does not identify you in real life. We want you at the action, we definitely dont't want you to experience any problems in the time before the action!
  • Your comment will appear on this side only after manual review by the editors. Please be patient with us :)

Now, that you have carefully thought through everything and have decided to act responsibly in respect to yourself, we are happy to hear why you come to the Rhineland in August in order to stop an excavator with us:

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